Salmon fisherman Les Clark just bought his 75th fishing license. That makes him about 85 years old. No plans to retire. He still single­handedly hauls in about 2,000 pounds of wild salmon during an opener run in the Columbia River.

When we talk seafood, how, when and where is just as important as what.

For example, most Arctic Char is farmed, and the fish average 2 to 3 pounds. We sell hyper-seasonal wild Arctic Char that’s unlike any farmed version. It’s day boat fished by the Inuit from Nunavut in a season that’s only three weeks long. Why do we get so selective? Because these incredible wild-caught Arctic Char weigh 9 to 22 pounds each and are so much better than their farmed counterparts.

Because of the hyper-seasonality of our seafood, we can’t promise we will have everything we offer all year long, but we can promise an incredible collection of seafood at its absolute best.

Our company is located 500 yards off the Columbia River and we proudly feature our local fish. We use about 33 boats on the river to bring in King Salmon, Sockeyes and Coho. Our springers have about 22% fat and are the best salmon available fished in the USA. Many times the salmon is caught and brought to us within 12 hours of being caught and at a restaurant within 36 hours of being caught.

In the fall we get beautiful steelhead from the Quinault Indians fished in the Quinault River (Olympic Peninsula, Washington). Dungeness crab is caught off of Washington and Oregon from December to September.

Petrale sole is caught off the coast of Astoria, Oregon from March through October. We get day boat halibut from Canada and Alaska from mid­-March until November.

King Crab from the Bering Sea is available fresh from fall till late March and we freeze some to offer year round. You can find Rockfish at any time as well.

The finest Black Cod is caught in Washington and Canada, and available year round.

Albacore tuna from Bandon, Oregon. Sturgeon from Idaho and Washington State. The best mussels available in North America from Salt Spring Island in Vancouver, BC. We also get ling cod, Oregon seabass, night smelts, sardines, sand dabs, octopus, head on prawns from Hawaii, spot prawns from Alaska and other local fish. In addition, we stock a large supply of European delicacies such as langoustines, Carabinero shrimp, wild anchovies, and more.

This is one of the things we love most about seafood…there are some fish you know we will have available for you. But there is always something new coming in at its peak freshness and quality, making menus so much more interesting.

Top image courtesy of Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute