Wagyu, Japan's Pride

Francois waxes poetic about the history, raising practices, and health and flavor benefits of Japan's Wagyu beef in his latest blog post:

There is a lot of mystery and misunderstanding surrounding Wagyu beef in America. Stories run rampant even through the kitchens of the Nation’s best restaurants about sake massages and cows quaffing pints of delicious brews to fatten them up. The word wagyu simply means Japanese cow and refers to several Japanese breeds known for their intense marbling and high percentage of healthy unsaturated fat. There are four main breeds used. Japanese Black, Japanese Brown (also known as Japanese Red), Japanese Polled and Japanese Shorthorn. Out of these four breeds are roughly 200 unique wagyu programs, each with slightly different rules governing the characteristics. The most well known and often over generalized wagyu program available in the United States is Kobe beef. It has become as synonymous with the word wagyu as Xerox is for copying, Kleenex is for tissues or calling all sparkling wines Champagne.

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