Heinen's Blogs about FIS Columbia River King Salmon

We love when our clients are as enthusiastic about our fish as we are. Heinen's Grocery Store recently blogged about the health benefits and sustainable catching practices behind our popular Wild Columbia River King Salmon:

When you take home fresh, wild Columbus River King Salmon from Heinen’s Seafood Department you’re making a positive environmental choice.

Also known as Chinook Salmon, King Salmon is the largest and most sought after Pacific Salmon. King Salmon are generally very large weighing in anywhere form 20 lbs. up to 50 lbs. and Columbia River King Salmon has been shown to contain the highest concentration of heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids of all the Wild Pacific Salmon species.

Our fresh, wild Columbia River king salmon is sustainably sourced by the responsible fishermen at Foods in Season, located along the banks of Columbia River in Washington State. Each year, the Columbia River is fished under the watchful eye of the Oregon and Washington Departments of Fish & Wildlife who closely regulate the number of fish that fishermen are permitted to catch. These strict limits prevent over-fishing on the Columbia River, ensuring that appropriate numbers of salmon are able to complete the journey to their spawning grounds, leaving us with an ample supply of fresh Pacific King Salmon every year from the waters of the Columbia River.

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