The Elusive History of Mountain Rose Apples

For those of us who revel in the sensualities of life, Fall is a wonderfully bountiful time of year. Trees are adorned in the vibrant autumn hues of deep reds and golden yellows. Much needed rains replenish depleted aquifers and awaken the slumbering wild mushroom spores. Soon chanterelles, boletes, and matsutake will poke their curious heads through the forest humus. Coho salmon leave the Pacific Ocean to return to their ancestral spawning grounds up several rivers in the Pacific Northwest. And a refreshing crispness fills the air, stimulating our appetites for more comforting and often heartier dishes.

Undisputedly, the most exciting fall harbinger is the arrival of the much loved Mountain Rose, that gorgeous red-fleshed apple that tastes just like a strawberry flavored Jolly Rancher.

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