Seasonal Harvest

Wild greens define hyper-seasonal. Our offerings are a constantly changing menu of ultra-freshness, dictated by what the earth is ready to supply.

In March, the Pacific Northwest explodes with miner’s lettuce, stinging nettles, wood sorrel and wild watercress. Our farmers’ gardens brim with the season’s first sweet English peas, fava beans, AAA white asparagus and green garlic. Patreece DeNoble lovingly picks her first tender purple artichokes in Tillamook. As the weather warms, fiddleheads and wild ramps sprout up in enormous fields in the Midwest. Briny emerald green sea beans are gathered along the chilly Washington coastline.

In Southern California, immature green almonds with their gelatinous, unformed nuts make their very brief appearance. June brings incredibly sweet cherries of all varieties from Hood River, Oregon and wild spruce tips and immature pine cones. Large, sweet wild mountain huckleberry are foraged in the Cascades from August to September.

The rare, crimson colored mountain rose apples are handpicked from Hood River Organics, a small family farm we have a longstanding special relationship with. These hard to grow apples have an acidic, crisp bite with a delicate strawberry flavor and an incredible red flesh. Don’t miss them in the fall.

What else will we have? There is too much to list out here, and it changes too frequently. You will have to stay connected to find out.