We’ve carefully cultivated relationships with a handful of meat suppliers, who raise healthy, well-cared-for animals, resulting in products that are full of flavor and a joy to cook with.

Family farms in the Pacific Northwest raise some of the best livestock in the world, like lamb from Reister Farms and Anderson Ranch, beef from Carman Ranch, and the amazing hazelnut-finished pigs of Tails and Trotters.

But we search far and wide for the best, and source some products from other parts of the country: MacFarlane Pheasants from Wisconsin, Rougie Foie Gras from Quebec, and bison from Great Range in Colorado.

We even source internationally for some truly unparalleled products, like venison from New Zealand’s Mountain River Cervena and impeccable A5 grade wagyu from Satsuma, which we feel is the best program in Japan.

The relationships we have with all of these suppliers share one goal: to bring a level of quality in food that is unique to the enlightened chefs whom we are proud to call our customers.