Foods In Season is reaching out to all our restaurant and grocery store partners to host a morel dinner, or even simply a special morel course, to support the Wildland Firefighters who risk their lives battling forest fires. We will give you FREE burn morels to use if you agree to donate the sales, or at least a portion of the sales, directly to the Wildland Firefighters Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, under the hashtag #MoralMorels.

Photo courtesy of Wildland Firefighters Foundation

Sharing the bounty from wildfires with those who fight them.

Help Foods In Season Raise $100,000 for Wildland Firefighters with Burn Morels.

Every year, forest fires ravage the west and pacific northwest, putting homes, businesses and people in harm’s way. In 2017 alone, there were 66,131 wildfires burning 9.8 million acres. In a two-week period last October, Northern California experienced several forest fires that caused 23 fatalities, burned 245,000 acres, and destroyed 8,700 structures.

Record forest fires create incredible morel harvests.

The moral dilemma posed by burn morels is: one person’s disaster becomes another person’s bounty. It becomes more striking when talking to a customer, and they ask what our forecast for the upcoming morel season is; on one hand forest fires produce extraordinary mushroom flushes, but on the other, several of our friends lost their homes, businesses and even their lives.

In Yosemite National Park alone, it is estimated that over one million morels grew after the last round of fires. Mushroom foragers often refer to morels found in burn areas as ‘burn morels’, but their correct scientific name is ‘phoenicoid’, meaning belonging to a group of fungi that fruit in response to heat. The word has the same root as phoenix, the mythological bird that rises from the burnt ashes of its predecessor.

Photo courtesy of Joy Anderson

Photo courtesy of Joy Anderson

Why Wildland firefighters need our help.

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

The families of fallen firefighters do not receive any benefits for up to three months after tragedy strikes. Typically, severely injured firefighters only receive 60 percent of their base pay, barely able to support their families after an injury. Many families and firefighters struggle with suicide, depression and guilt after fires, often needing counseling to help cope with the long-term effects caused by horrific fires. The Wildland Firefighters Foundation is a charity built to help families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families deal with the human toll of fires.

Help Us Give Back to those most affected by devastating forest fires.

Foods In Season has committed to giving back to the community that protects our wild food sheds by raising awareness and donating a portion of all burn morels sales back to the those most effected: the wildland firefighters.

Photo courtesy of Wildland Firefighters Foundation

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How You Can Participate:

Foods In Season is donating a portion of every burn morel mushroom sale to the Wildland Firefighters Foundation.

  • Restaurants can host a ‘Moral Morel’ dinner, and donate a percentage of sales directly to the Wildland Firefighters Foundation—we will provide your morels for FREE.
  • Grocery stores can participate by creating their own in house programs to help increase awareness of the firefighters’ plight.
  • Everyone can participate by supporting restaurants and stores that have the Moral Morels sign in their windows and web sites, and by donating directly to the Wildland Firefighters Foundation.
  • Schools can participate by taking an educational forest walk hunting morels with a forager and a firefighter.
  • Use the hashtag #MoralMorel, the Moral Morel logo and other assets in the Moral Morel toolkit

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Photos available for download. Please credit source.

  • Firefighting photos (photos 1–6) courtesy of Wildland Firefighters Foundation
  • Burn Morels photos (photos 7–12) courtesy of Joy Anderson