Foods in Season began as a family foraging the finest wild morels and selling them to a select few restaurants more than 30 years ago. But its roots go back even further, to when John Anderson was a small child. He would follow his mother deep into the woods with a bucket in hand. Together they would unearth mushrooms, pick wild wood sorrel or find hidden troves of salmonberries.

FIS now has a large network of foragers and sells to discerning restaurants all over the world, but the dedication to hand-selecting the finest fungi remains. Each forager has a relationship with the forest, which they have developed over years, and sometimes generations, of foraging. They know where and when the best mushrooms grow and know how to care for the land so they can continue the cycle. They pick only the finest of the cache and carefully transport them to us. We inspect and sort them by grade so that you receive the absolute best the forest has to offer.