Inuit Arctic Char Fishermen

Inuit Arctic Char Fishermen

Hello Chef

It has been a slow week on the wild mushroom frontier - porcinis are done, morels are done till we get some rain (know any catchy rain dances?); and while lobsters and domestic chanterelles have started, the lack of moisture is making them appear more slowly.  Good news is, pristine Saskatchewan chanterelles should start in about two or three weeks.

The GREAT news is real wild arctic char fished by the Inuit up in Nunavut, Canada has started their first short summer run. We should have 6 to 9 pound fish in this Monday.

Arctic Char g/g  $16.55/pound based on thirty pound orders.

We are still getting 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of king salmon a day despite a slow down on fishing for king salmon on the Columbia River. The slow down is because we operate a sustainable fishery and the quotas for salmon have been met for this time period. We have plenty of other fish like Oregon albacore tuna, Alaskan Halibut, Petrale sole, Red Rock fish and a smattering of other fish.

King Salmon Prices are (based on 30 pound protein orders):

7 to 11 pound g/g salmon $12.95

11 to 18 pound g/g salmon $13.95

18 and up g/g salmon $14.45

We are getting some amazing truffle deals that we are passing onto our customers. Beautiful extra class Australian winter truffles are only $635/pound. Most of our competitors are selling theirs for closer to $800/pound. Australian winter truffles are melanosporum truffles (same as Perigords) that grow on the roots of hazelnut and oak tress in Western Australia. The climate is so similar to Perigord that it produces truffles with the exact same deep, earthy flavor and signature intoxicating aroma. Forget shrimps on the barbie, get some winter truffles on your summer menus!

Italian summer truffles to $124/pound.

Australian Extra Class Winter Truffles $635/pound

So, what are you waiting for, give your sales rep a call right now.

The Sales team at Foods In Season


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